NEW Official Trailer for Season 3 of Outlander

Outlander Online

Here is a the NEW Official Trailer for Season 3 of Outlander

To view IG Video please click on the pic or here

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Sebastian (Spoiler)

Dark-Hunter's World

Nombre completo: Sebastos Eudorus Parthenopaeus

Apodo: Bas, Sebastian

Pronunciación: Suh-bass-toes You-Door-Us Pahr-thin-oh-PAY-us

Serie principal: Dark-Hunter

Designación: Otro

Fecha de nacimiento: 16 de Abril de 2011

Color de ojos: Plateado arremolinado

Padres: Acheron y Tory

Pasatiempo favorito: Agarrar el pelo de su madre y los cuernos de Simi

Arma elegida: Su padre

Sobre él:

El niño más precioso y mimado del planeta, Bas es el amado hijo de Acheron y Tory. Como el medio hermano de Simi que es, ha aprendido a chupar la botella de salsa de barbacoa. También le gusta. Su tío  Savitar y su abuela Polly, le han dado muchos regalos especiales.

Pero hay mucho en Bas que es diferente…

Las cosas no son siempre lo que parecen.

Lo encontrarás en:

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Stardust & Melancholy

It’s currently 1:42am on Saturday, December 31st, 2016. 

When I was little, the countdown to Christmas went by in the time it took you to blink. Then before you knew it you were counting down the days until New Year, and until you had to go back to school, and that seemed to go even faster.

But I’m grown now, and the end of 2016 feels like these last few months have staggered and almost crawled to the end.

2016 will probably not be looked on fondly when people look back years from now. I can practically feel the echoing wave of collective sighs of relief when the clock ticks over around the world into the near year. To a lot of people, 2016 has felt like one long drawn out ending. We’re all holding our breath.

Good things happened; of course they always do. It can take longer to…

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What SPNFamily Is All About at SFCon



The last Supernatural con of 2016 was memorable for me, though not for the reasons I thought it would be. I was spending time with the kids so was only able to get there Saturday night, and the second – literally – I stepped off the shuttle and into the hotel, my phone rang and I got the shocking news that my dad had passed away. It was one of those moments that turns completely surreal immediately. I think I told the doctor trying to be sympathetic on the phone “no that can’t be right, I’m in San Francisco.” He patiently answered that yes, he realized that, but in fact my father had still expired. It will be darkly comedic at some point, but I’m not quite there yet.

I wandered into the hotel in a sort of daze, and immediately some of the Creation people I’ve come to know…

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Hoy es un excelente día para ser un rebelde: La fuerza es intensa en Rogue One.


Después de las colosales expectativas que genero el evento masivo de El Despertar de la Fuerza, nos llega una película que nos permite nadar en expectativas más mundanas. Rogue One tiene la ventaja de mezclar dos aspectos que hasta el momento se le había negado al fanático de la saga; una historia “diferente” a lo que ya habíamos visto combinada con ese sentimiento que tenía la trilogía original de Star Wars.

Sin llevar “episodio” pegado al título, esta película bien podría ser el Episodio 3.9 ya que nos narra los eventos previos a Star Wars: Una Nueva Esperanza. Para parafrasear un poco al filme original, resumiremos la sinopsis de esta manera;  “Naves rebeldes atacando desde una base secreta han conseguido su primera victoria contra…

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Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox (and Another Great Supernatural Episode!)



I was nervous about having so many new writers on my favorite show this season, but Thursday’s Supernatural episode proved once again that the new writers are doing their homework. Welcome to the family, Steve Yockey!

This episode had some great 80s rock, some remarkable VFX, some gorgeously lit scenes, and some amazing acting. And yes, the writing was great too. Let me list all the things I liked about this episode (nothing makes me happier than having an actual list!)

Those Are My Boys

I love having a plot that makes sense, and an emotional arc that makes me either reach for the tissues or bite my nails to the quick (or both) – but none of that is satisfying if I don’t recognize the characters I love. The risk with having new writers is that they won’t get it right – after all, eleven seasons of character development…

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American Nightmare – Classic Supernatural!



This week’s episode was like a return to old school, classic Supernatural – and I am SO on board with that! I watched the episode while at a Supernatural convention in New Jersey with a fellow fangirl, which meant a lot of shared exclamations during the ‘THEN’ opening.

Me: OMG psychic kids!

Both of us: OMG baby Sammy with bangs!

Then the episode went very dark very fast, which should surprise no one who’s ever watched Supernatural. Some poor woman gets flayed alive by an invisible force in front of a horrified priest and churchgoers and once again I’m a little queasy. Supernatural has been even more graphic than usual this season and I think I flinched every time a new gash opened up on her back. OUCH.

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